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LED Screen Hire- a different approach and reduced cost to your marketing!


As a business we all know the key to generating leads and of course income is a solid marketing approach. Whilst it is true you need to spend money to make money for many small businesses there can often be cash flow issues or if you are a start up you may not have a huge marketing fund to spend and this is where LED Screen Hire can be a game changer for your business marketing strategy.


Rather than spending some money on Google Adwords which costs you every time someone clicks on your ad regardless of whether they even call you or whether its actually a qualified lead LED Screen Hire is an affordable option to deliver results  and it means every single car driving past that sign and every person strolling by will see the Advertising unlike Google where you are only getting the people searching online.


LED Screen Hire also allows you to use your corporate colours, following your brand guidelines and to put far more information in front of people than you can by using marketing strategies like SEO or Adwords. 


The other benefit from Hiring LED Screens for your marketing is that it will stick in people’s mind as that place with the big LED Screen at their premise. This means if someone is asking someone else for a recommendation for the product and/or service you provide they will be far more likely to remember your advertising than a small ad that has popped up on their facebook feed.


Of course SEO is important to any business and adwords and SEO are both solid strategies but why not adopt LED Screens for your marketing and see the savings to your marketing strategy!


We are the specialists in LED Screen Hire so call us now on 02 8999 8887 to find out how you can really amp up your advertising today!


"Did  you know…

VISUALS  are produced 600,000 x  faster than TEXT!"



Our Screens...

48" (HD)

Suitable for 5-10 viewers .

Great for a small expo stand

55" (HD)

2 or more suitable for 50-100 viewers.

65" (UHD - 4K)

2 or more suitable for 100-150 viewers.

Great for conferences as main or secondary screens.

Wait.... it gets BIGGER...

75" (UHD - 4K)

2 or more suitable for 150-200 viewers.

86" (UHD - 4K)

2 or more suitable for 200+ viewers.

 Create an IMPRESSIVE expo stand.

Need something a lot bigger...

Ask us about our LED screens!

Screens from 2M - 10M wide for  up to 15,000 viewers.

Caters for ANY event size.

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